Climate is Becoming Part of Our Core Business - 92 countries work together for climate action

February 07, 2024
Author:Ralien Bekkers, Masyita Crystallin

Ministers of Finance Issue Inaugural Climate Action Statement

October 11, 2023
Author:Frank van Lerven, World Bank

Bundesministerium für Finanzen: Forum Finanz - Presenting the Guide

September 28, 2023
Author:Frank van Lerven, World Bank

Finance Ministries actions to implement the Global Biodiversity Framework and halt and reverse nature loss

August 31, 2023
Author:Ohla Krushelnytska, Frank van Lerven and Camille Maclet

Towards a coalition for capacity on climate action for finance ministries

June 14, 2023
Author:Masyita Crystallin, Ralien Bekkers, Etienne Espagne and Jean-Francois Mercure.

Finance Ministries, Central Banks and Supervisors Recognize Nature-Related Risks and Commit to Deepening Their Understanding

December 05, 2022
Author:Masyita Crystallin (CFMCA), Pekka Moren (CFMCA), and Jean Boissinot (NGFS)