We, as Finance Ministers from around the world:

Cognizant that climate change poses a significant threat to our economies, societies, and environments, including risks to economic growth and macroeconomic stability, and that there is an urgent need to accelerate action;

Recognizing that climate change is also an opportunity, and that taking action can generate substantial benefits for our societies by stimulating technological innovation, improving human well-being, and accelerating economic growth;

Noting our unique position as Finance Ministers to help accelerate a just transition to a low-carbon and climate resilient economy through macroeconomic and fiscal policy, public financial management and, where applicable, financial regulation;

Acknowledging that such policies and actions will support global collective action on climate change under the Paris Agreement;

Cognizant that Finance Ministers have a common purpose, and can benefit from a forum for sharing experiences and facilitating the adoption of best practices and policies for low-carbon and climate-resilient growth; and

Supported by technical assistance from development partners.

Hereby establish a Coalition of Finance Ministers to demonstrate our leadership in the response to climate change, wherein we will operate within our national framework, competencies, and mandate to support the following principles:

  1. Align our policies and practices with the Paris Agreement commitments;
  2. Share our experience and expertise with each other in order to provide mutual encouragement and promote collective understanding of policies and practices for climate action;
  3. Work towards measures that result in effective carbon pricing;
  4. Take climate change into account in macroeconomic policy, fiscal planning, budgeting, public investment management, and procurement practices;
  5. Mobilize private sources of climate finance by facilitating investments and the development of a financial sector which supports climate mitigation and adaptation;
  6. Engage actively in the domestic preparation and implementation of Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) submitted under the Paris Agreement


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