4th ministerial

Above: Screenshot from the 4th Ministerial Meeting; October 12, 2020

The Coalition warmly welcomes all countries committed to using macroeconomic, fiscal, and financial policy to accelerate climate action to join the Coalition.

How To Join the Coalition

Prospective Member Countries

Having decided to join the Coalition based on: (a) political commitment to addressing climate change also through economic, fiscal and financial policy, (b) readiness to share knowledge and provide mutual support, Membership is obtained by:

  • Step 1: Endorsing the six Helsinki Principles through the submission to the Secretariat of the Helsinki Principle Endorsement Form signed by the Minister of Finance
  • Step 2: Nominating a Sherpa through the submission of the Sherpa Nomination Form
  • Step 3: Receiving confirmation of Membership by Coalition Members on an absence-of-objection basis.

The Helsinki Principle Endorsement Form and the Sherpa Nomination Form can be found in the New Membership Note.


Prospective Institutional Partners

Institutions that are interested in partnering with the Coalition should send an email to coalitionsecretariat@financeministersforclimate.org to express interest.