HP2 Publishes Summary of the Report on Strengthening the Role of Ministries of Finance in Driving Climate Action

April 13, 2023
Author:Coalition Secretariat

A new policy brief from the Coalition of Finance Ministers for Climate Action outlines the multiple benefits and opportunities of bold climate action and a framework for accelerating the transition to a low-carbon economy of the future.

HP3 Publishes Report on International Coordination Mechanisms for Climate Change Mitigation

April 05, 2023
Author:Coalition Secretariat

This is the first report of the Coalition published under the HP3 workstream. The report explores the main instruments available to countries wishing to pursue carbon pricing and builds on the discussions held in 2022 at Ministerial and Sherpa level.

Coalition Puts Forward its Work Programme for 2023

March 02, 2023
Author:Coalition Secretariat

The Coalition’s Work Programme for 2023 identifies key priorities under each Helsinki Principle workstream, taking into account the guidance provided by Finance Ministers at the Ministerial Meetings in April and October 2022, the meeting at COP27 on 9 November 2022, survey responses collected from Members and Institutional Partners, and other feedback received from workstreams. The Programme builds on the Annual Report of 12 October 2021, proposals for further work priorities from a nine Coalition Reports released and workshops performed in 2022.

Global Consultation: Strengthening the Role of Finance Ministers in Driving Climate Action

December 14, 2022
Author: Coalition Secretariat

The Coalition has launched a consultation process to obtain feedback on the draft of a forthcoming landmark report: Strengthening the Role of Ministries of Finance in Driving Climate Action.

HP6 Publishes Report on MoFs and NDCs: Raising Ambition and Accelerating Climate Action

November 30, 2022
Author: Coalition Secretariat

The Helsinki Principle 6 workstream has published its second report for the Coalition, Ministries of Finance and Nationally Determined Contributions: Raising Ambition and Accelerating Climate Action. The report details the status of work towards Helsinki Principle 6, explores the enhanced engagement of Ministers of Finance in NDC formulation, and examines how they can best contribute to successful outcomes aligned with the Paris Agreement through leadership and coordination with other sectors.

HP5 Publishes Report on Supporting Private Sector Net Zero Targets

November 17, 2022
Author: Coalition Secretariat

The private finance sector is critical to supporting net zero-aligned change in the real economy, contributing to meeting the global climate goals that governments and many financial institutions have committed to, and reducing climate change-related risks. Ministries of Finance are well-positioned to support the private sector on this path. HP5 has produced a report discussing various soft and regulatory power methods to improve the understanding of commitments, progress, risks, and opportunities domestically, which can also be used to set expectations for best practices internationally.

Coalition and WMO Co-Host COP27 Panel Discussion on Climate Data Gaps

November 10, 2022
Author: Coalition Secretariat

This event brought the finance ministry and climate-science communities together for the first time at a COP to discuss the urgency of closing the weather and climate data gaps and how Ministers of Finance can support this endeavor, as well as how climate data can be used by finance ministries to create more effective economic policies.

Coalition Meets During COP27

November 09, 2022
Author: Coalition Secretariat

The Coalition of Finance Ministers for Climate Action met on November 9 during the UNFCCC COP27 conference in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt. The meeting—one of the central events of Finance Day at COP27—brought together Finance Ministers, heads of international organizations, and other senior officials to discuss how finance ministries can help their countries adapt to the increasingly costly impacts of climate change.

Märt Kivine appointed as the new Secretary of the Coalition of Finance Ministers for Climate Action

September 01, 2022
Author: Coalition Secretariat

Märt Kivine has been appointed as the new Secretary of the Coalition of Finance Ministers for Climate Action. Mr. Kivine joins the Coalition Secretariat from the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development, where he served as a Board member. Prior to this assignment, Mr. Kivine worked in the Development Economics Vice Presidency and in the Nordic and Baltic Executive Director’s office at the World Bank.

HP4 Hosts Roundtable Discussion on Fiscal Policy and Practice Report

June 16, 2022
Author: Coalition Secretariat

The Coalition of Finance Ministers for Climate Action hosted a roundtable discussion around the recently published Helsinki Principle 4 report, “Driving Climate Action through Economic and Fiscal Policy and Practice”, prepared under the leadership of U.S.A. and Denmark. The event highlighted the importance of robust action towards mainstreaming climate into economic and financial policies —and the potential consequences of inaction—by ministries of finance.