Reflecting on the impactful discussions that transpired at the Ministerial Meeting during COP28, esteemed Finance Ministers engaged in a pivotal conversation surrounding the recent Climate Action Statement and COP28 goals.

Finance Ministers took the stage to articulate the impact of their implemented policies, sharing experiences on unlocking investment opportunities and mobilizing climate finance. The meeting provided a platform for ministers to exchange best practices and lessons learned, fostering a collaborative environment aimed at addressing global challenges.

While the gathering celebrated success stories, it also delved into the hurdles faced by Finance Ministers, offering insights into the challenges and additional steps required to enhance impact. The focus extended beyond individual achievements to contemplate regional and international implications, creating a roadmap for a more inclusive and widespread influence.

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The meeting also featured a brief presentation by the Independent High-Level Expert Group on Climate Finance (IHLEG), offering insights from their latest report on scaling climate finance. This report served as a guiding resource for the discussion, providing a comprehensive foundation for addressing challenges and exploring additional steps necessary to extend the impact of climate finance to a regional or international level.