The OECD would like to invite you to the workshop of the Coalition of Finance Ministers for Climate Action (the Coalition) on ‘The Political Economy of Carbon Pricing Post Covid-19’, organised in co-operation with IMF and World Bank.  This event will be hosted by the OECD via videoconferencing (Zoom) on 22 June, 8-10 am EDT/2-4 pm CEST and 23 June, 6.30am-12pm EDT/12.30-6 pm CEST.

Please find enclosed the official invitation letter and the draft agenda of the meeting.  A final programme of the meeting will be sent to you after confirmation.

This event supports the Action Plan under the Coalition’s Helsinki Principle 3, which is to work towards measures that result in effective carbon pricing. Following on the First Workshop under Principle 3 on carbon taxation, held in Sweden in September 2019, this Second Workshop under Principle 3 focuses on the political economy of carbon pricing reform in the current policy context.

Speakers include recognised technical specialists, economic and tax policy experts, and policymakers, to ensure a discussion that is anchored in the economic and political realities that shape the present climate and carbon pricing debate. The objective is to go beyond principles and identify concrete options for meaningful reform in the challenging economic situation during and after Covid-19.

This will be an interactive meeting that includes time for Q&A with participants.

To participate in the meeting, please register with OECD by clicking on this link before 15 June 2020. If you encounter any difficulties, please contact Marie-Aurélie Elkurd, OECD, at marie-aurelie.elkurd@oecd.org