There is increasing international recognition of the need to integrate climate change and environmental considerations into mainstream financial decision-making. Better access to climate-related information can enhance how climate risks are assessed, priced, and managed. However, implementing requirements around climate-related financial disclosure brings with it technical and political challenges.

Coalition members have had initial discussions at the Sherpa level on national approaches to climate-related financial disclosure. Following the meeting in Abidjan, the Co-Chairs asked the UK to lead a more in-depth session on climate-related financial disclosure and the political challenges members might face when implementing disclosure requirements in their national contexts. This workshop aimed to further build members’ understanding of climate-related financial disclosure, identify a range of approaches to the implementation of disclosure requirements, and enable a discussion on potential political issues. It aimed to lay the ground for a more technical level discussion later in the year.

The workshop included experience-sharing by members and a moderated discussion to draw out the key lessons learned across different contexts. Please see the workshop agenda below:

  1. Introduction by Mark Carney, Prime Minister's Finance Adviser for COP26 and UN Special Envoy for Climate Action and Finance
  2. Scene setting and workshop objectives [UK]
  3. Country experiences and perspectives on disclosure [Canada, Chile, France, UK]
  4. Moderated discussion [All Sherpas]
  5. Conclusions and next steps [UK]