January 27, 2021


The Coalition’s Work Programme for 2021 outlines the main priorities and planned activities under each Helsinki Principle workstream and key cross-cutting themes, based on the Santiago Action Plan and guidance provided by Finance Ministers. Activities and deliverables may be adjusted to adapt to changing circumstances.

The main objectives of the Coalition in 2021 are to deepen our understanding of climate-related economic and financial policies, boost the engagement of Finance Ministries on climate change, support a green and inclusive recovery/growth from the COVID-19 crisis, and increase collaboration among workstreams and institutional partners.

Some highlights of our planned activities for 2021 include efforts on: long-term strategy development, carbon pricing, macro-modeling, green budgeting, climate- and biodiversity-related financial risks, greening financial system roadmaps, and NDC enhancement. The Work Programme also includes a report on the cross-cutting theme of green and inclusive recovery/growth policies.

With growing global commitment to combatting climate change, 2021 is poised to be a pivotal year for action on climate change. Through its ambitious 2021 Work Programme, the Coalition seeks to build on increasing momentum and help accelerate climate action.