February 15, 2022


View/Download the 2022 Work Programme

The 2022 Work Programme of the Coalition of Finance Ministers for Climate Action outlines the main priorities and planned activities under each Helsinki Principle workstream and key cross-cutting themes. The Work Programme is based on guidance provided by Finance Ministers at the Sixth Ministerial Meeting on 12 October 2021, the Coalition-COP26 event on 3 November 2021, survey responses collected from Members and Institutional Partners, and other feedback received. Activities and deliverables may be adjusted to adapt to evolving circumstances, country-specific factors, and further guidance from Finance Ministers.

Some highlights of the Coalition's planned activities for 2022 include:

  • Providing guidance and technical assistance on macroeconomic modeling and decarbonization strategies
  • Launching a tailored training program for Finance Ministry staff on issues at the intersection of climate change and economic policy
  • Exploring various carbon pricing proposals in both theoretical and practical terms
  • Developing tools for identifying and reducing government fiscal risks from climate change
  • Facilitating peer exchange on financing the green transition
  • Identifying approaches for Finance Ministries to manage nature-related risks
  • Deepening understanding of the economic and financial policy interlinkages of Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs)


Additional work is planned in key cross-cutting areas such as green recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic and climate adaptation and resilience. The 2022 Work Programme also signals the Coalition's intention to coordinate activities closely with the G20, G24, V20 and other international bodies, and to be actively engaged in the COP27 process.