March 02, 2023

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The Coalition’s Work Programme for 2023 identifies key priorities under each Helsinki Principle workstream, taking into account the guidance provided by Finance Ministers at the Ministerial Meetings in April and October 2022, the meeting at COP27 on 9 November 2022, survey responses collected from Members and Institutional Partners, and other feedback received from workstreams. The Programme builds on the Annual Report of 12 October 2021, proposals for further work priorities from a nine Coalition Reports released and workshops performed in 2022.

While this Work Programme sets out key priorities for 2023, activities and deliverables may be adjusted throughout the year to reflect evolving circumstances, country-specific factors, and further guidance from Finance Ministers. Every effort will be made to ensure usefulness and practicality of the deliverables to Members, efficient use of resources, and synergies through close collaboration with IPs. The delivery of the Work Programme will be possible with adequate staffing of the Secretariat as well as sufficient resourcing of planned activities. The staffing plan will be prepared by the Co-Chairs and the Secretariat, as well as financial plan of activities as new elements, and where necessary, funding will be sought in the first possible instance. Moreover, in the 2023 Work Programme, more focus is put on the scheduling of key activities to ensure timely preparations, as well as the engagement with Institutional Partners.