September 30, 2021


On Thursday, September 30, the Coalition hosted a workshop under Helsinki Principle 2 on Finance Ministries’ Mainstreaming Strategies and Research Practices in Climate Action.

The virtual seminar was the second in the series of workshops, and built on the outcome of the first seminar that was held in May 2021. This event focused on how Ministries of Finance have incorporated mainstreaming practices—plans, structures, research, training, etc.—as part of the governance and implementation of their climate strategies.

The event was divided into two parts. The first part featured presentations from Korea, Ireland, Finland, and Grantham Research Institute. Each presentation demonstrated a facet of climate action mainstreaming impact through economic transformation, research, and sustainability aspects.

The second part focused on the role of Institutional Partners in enabling research and evidence-based policy advice. Institutional Partners provided comments on the country presentations, and offered insights on their work on training courses and capacity building, and how the Coalition and its Members could benefit from these.

The HP2 workstream is finalizing a report on mainstreaming climate into economic policies and incorporate the learnings of this workshop. The workstream also continues building a training program for Ministries of Finance.