April 13, 2023

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A new policy brief summarizes a forthcoming flagship report and guide from the Coalition of Finance Ministers for Climate Action. This is the culmination of an extensive global consultation process launched at COP27 on the role of Ministries of Finance in driving climate action. 

By taking bold climate action to accelerate the transition to a zero-carbon economy, it is possible to tackle escalating risks, achieve macro stability, enhance resilience, create growth and development opportunities and deliver clean, secure and affordable energy.

Here we present a framework for mainstreaming climate action into the core functions and capabilities of Ministries of Finance. Following the framework can help ensure climate action is synonymous with sound economic policy, support implementation of the Helsinki Principles and send a strong signal that the world economy is poised to follow a low-carbon, climate-resilient path.

Strengthening the role of Ministries of Finance in Driving Climate Action will be available in full in June, including further detail on the framework and case studies demonstrating the leadership already taking place.