November 09, 2022

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The Coalition has launched a consultation process to obtain feedback on the draft of a forthcoming landmark report: Strengthening the Role of Ministries of Finance in Driving Climate Action.

Recognizing the need to continue to transform the role of Ministries of Finance, the report sets out a practical framework for finance ministries to galvanize action and drive investment in the zero-carbon, climate-resilient future by mainstreaming climate action into their core functions and capabilities. This is part of a collaborative effort involving more than 30 contributors, including Coalition member countries, an expert advisory group, institutional partners, and other experts. 

The Coalition aims to publish the report in April 2023.

The report will be released in three formats. The consultation drafts of each of these is below:

  1. Summary for Ministers and Policymakers (7 pages)
  2. Synthesis Report (approx. 50 pages)
  3. Full Report (approx. 200 pages) - coming in late November

The Coalition is seeking feedback from the following three groups:

  • Ministries of Finance (Members and Non-Members of the Coalition)
  • Organizations who support finance ministries directly or indirectly
  • Civil society organizations and research institutes

We request that feedback is provided via this webform. Alternatively, feedback can be emailed to

The consultation period will run from November 9, 2022, until January 20, 2023.