Nature Investments workshop was organized jointly by Nature and HP5 workstreams to discuss the challenges and opportunities of mobilizing finance for nature and potential policy actions for the Ministries of Finance.

The workshop built on the Coalition’s flagship report, An Overview of Nature-Related Risks and Potential Policy Actions for Ministries of Finance: Bending The Curve of Nature Loss and featured expert speakers from the World Bank, The Taskforce on Nature-related Financial Disclosures (TNFD), and The Nature Conservancy – bringing the perspective of both public and private sectors.

Participants discussed their experiences in mobilizing finance for nature through various approaches, including incorporating nature into risk assessments by central banks and credit rating agencies, establishing nature-related disclosures to measure risks and opportunities, using performance-based instruments and biodiversity credits, and deploying debt conversions and public-private structures to mobilize capital for marine and terrestrial conservation.

Presentation slides can be found here.


Opening Remarks – Joan van Heijster, Coalition Co-Chair Sherpa Representative from The Netherlands, Policy Advisor International Financial Institutions at Ministry of Finance


Joan van Heijster

Scaling up Nature-related Investments - Fiona Stewart, Lead Financial Sector Specialist, World Bank


Senior Financial Sector Specialist, Finance & Markets

TNFD’s final recommendations on nature-related issues - Thomas Viegas, Partnerships Lead, TNFD


Sustainable debt and private sector perspective - Slav Gatchev, Managing Director, Sustainable Debt, The Nature Conservancy


Member discussion and Q&A

Comments and questions were posed by members from Chile, UK, The Netherlands, and UN CBD Secretariat


Olha Krushelnytska, Coalition Secretariat, moderated the workshop