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Based on growing interest from members in understanding nature-related risks and opportunities, the Coalition added Nature as a separate workstream in its 2023 work program.

The Nature working group made significant progress last year – including issuing flagship report Overview of Nature-Related Risks and Potential Policy Actions for Ministries of Finance: Bending The Curve of Nature Loss and taking part for the first time in the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) in the COP15.

To restart the Nature work in 2023, the members requested an update on who is doing what on Nature. Therefore, this workshop showcased the latest work by leading Institutional Partners of the Coalition’s Nature workstream.


  1. Olha Krushelnytska, Coalition Secretariat – updated on the Coalition’s work on nature (see presentation here)
  2. Olha Krushelnytska and Stephanie Onder, World Bank - presented what the World Bank Group is doing on nature (see presentation here)
  3. Carter Brandon, World Resources institute - presented what the WRI is doing on nature (see presentation here)
  4. Andrew Blazey, OECD - presented what OECD is doing on nature (see presentation here)
  5. Jean Boissino, NGFS – presented what the NGFS is doing on nature (see presentation here)
  6. Ruth Kattumuri, the Commonwealth Secretariat- presented what the Commonwealth is doing on nature (see presentation here)
  7. Eva Mayerhofer, EIB - presented what the EIB is doing on nature.