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PMR   |  
Partnership for Market Readiness

Published in November 2017, the PMR technical note, Establishing Scaled-up Crediting Program Baselines under the Paris Agreement: Issues and Options, offers guidance and identifies options for developing baselines for scaled-up crediting programs under the Paris Agreement

Category:  Promote Carbon Pricing Measures, Share Experiences and Expertise
WBG, PMR   |  
Carbon Tax Guide: A Handbook for Policy Makers (2017)

This Guide has a dual purpose: (i) to provide policy makers and other policy leaders and influencers with a practical tool to help them determine whether a carbon tax is the right instrument to achieve their policy aims; and (ii) to support them in designing and implementing the carbon tax best suited to their specific needs, circumstances, and objectives.

Category:  Promote Carbon Pricing Measures, Climate-Informed Fiscal Planning, Climate-Resilient Financial Sector