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Carbon Tax Guide: A Handbook for Policy Makers (2017)

This Guide has a dual purpose: (i) to provide policy makers and other policy leaders and influencers with a practical tool to help them determine whether a carbon tax is the right instrument to achieve their policy aims; and (ii) to support them in designing and implementing the carbon tax best suited to their specific needs, circumstances, and objectives.

Category:  Promote Carbon Pricing Measures, Climate-Informed Fiscal Planning, Climate-Resilient Financial Sector

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Modeling the Impact on South Africa’s Economy of Introducing a Carbon Tax (2016)

This paper reviews the key findings of a modeling analysis exploring the implications of the South African carbon tax. A carbon tax, in conjunction with the recycling of revenues, has been designed by the National Treasury as one of the key mitigation instruments in helping South Africa meet its international commitments to reduce its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 42 percent relative to business-as-usual by 2025 and for emissions to follow a ‘peak plateau and then decline’ trajectory.

Category:  Promote Carbon Pricing Measures

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Emissions Trading in Practice: A Handbook on Design and Implementation

This handbook is a guide for policymakers, as well as practitioners towards implementing an ETS. It consolidates a decade of experience with emissions trading worldwide alongside insights from the academic literature on the topic. Synthesizing input from over 100 practitioners and technical experts from four continents, it lays out a 10-step process with regards to the design, implementation, and operation of an effective ETS. Both the PMR and ICAP use the handbook as part of their ongoing ETS capacity building efforts. 

Category:  Promote Carbon Pricing Measures
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Carbon Leakage Theory, Evidence and Policy Design

The World Bank’s Partnership for Market Readiness (PMR) brings together developed and developing countries to build readiness for carbon market instruments to support cost-effective greenhouse gas emissions reductions. As part of the PMR’s Technical Work Program, the World Bank asked Vivid Economics to develop a technical note on the issue of carbon leakage and competitiveness. This issue is of interest to a range of PMR countries and is of great importance to successful design and implementation of carbon pricing policies.

Category:  Promote Carbon Pricing Measures