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Fiscal Policy Scoping Study: Kenya

This working paper provides an overview of the current status of green fiscal policy (GFP) in Kenya, key challenges and opportunities for further green fiscal policy reforms. The paper also reviews government revenues and expenditures and analyses the potential for GFP in selected key sectors of the economy, including forestry, energy, mining and oil, water fisheries and wildlife.

Category:  Climate-Informed Fiscal Planning
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Fiscal Reforms in the Extractives Sector for Green Finance (UNEP)

A key challenge facing many resource-rich countries is how to mobilize and effectively use volatile revenues from resource extraction, while addressing social and environmental externalities of mining activities. This UNEP Policy Brief examines how fiscal reforms and other complementary measures in the extractives sector can help generate additional public revenues while reducing some of the negative environmental and social impacts from mining activities.

Category:  Promote Carbon Pricing Measures, Climate-Informed Fiscal Planning