Following its successful launch at the WBG-IMF Spring Meetings in April 2019, the Coalition of Finance Ministers for Climate Action hosted its 2nd Sherpa meeting, from June 4-5, in Santiago, Chile. 

The meeting featured technical experts from 18 member countries, as well as representatives from partner institutions such as the NDC Partnership, UNEP, and UNFCCC. The Coalition engaged with countries leading action on the Helsinki Principles, and initiated the development of an Action Plan to organize its governance and streamline its activities.  

The Coalition will host Finance Ministers during the WBG-IMF Annual Meetings in October 2019 to report on progress of its work.


Agenda: Santiago Meeting




Opening Session

Session: Principle 3 - Carbon Pricing

Session: Principle 4 - Macro-fiscal/Budgeting/Investment & Spending

Session: Principle 5 - Private Finance Mobilization

Session: Principle 6 - Engaging with NDCs

Session: Principles 1&2 - Knowledge sharing


Session: Working on the Action Plan