The Coalition of Finance Ministers for Climate Action met for its third sherpa meeting on November 18-19, at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development headquarters in London, United Kingdom.


The meeting sought to (1) set out member and institutional partner activities arranged by the Helsinki Principles under the Santiago Action Pan, (2) clarify work arrangements to facilitate effective and full participation of members and institutions, and (3) prepare for the COP25 in Madrid in December 2019, which would include the launch of the Action Plan, as well as the drafting of a joint ministerial declaration.


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Meeting Agenda


Welcome and keynote address 

Objectives and follow-up to the Oct 19, 2019 Ministerial meeting 

Principle 1: Overview of proposed work plan, transition strategies to net zero

Principle 1: HM Treasury’s Net Zero Review 

Principle 3: Overview of proposed work plan 

Principle 3: Follow up on the outcomes of Carbon Pricing Workshop 

Principle 3: Survey results

Principle 4: Overview of proposed work plan and survey result

Principle 4: Country Experiences - Public finance policies in vulnerable countries

Principle 4: Country Experiences - Whole of Government approaches

Principle 5: Options on Principle 5 - UK

Principle 5: How ongoing initiatives in green finance and risks to financial stability contribute to the Coalition’s work

Principle 5: How MDBs operations support Coalition objectives

Principle 6: Overview of proposed work plan and survey results 

Principle 6: NDC updating process and demands from Finance Ministries

Principle 6: NDC implementation  


Governance and working arrangements